Flash-Briefing Audio Ads

Flash-Briefing Audio Ads for Alexa

Please use the following link to insert audio ads to Alexa flash-briefing: http://x3.instreamatic.com/v2/audio/{site_id}, where {site_id} is your personal id which will be provided by support team or your personal manager.

To test the integration, please use the following link: http://x3.instreamatic.com/v2/audio/777, where 777 is test ID.

You need to insert the link to a feed you are planning to use in your flash-briefing. Please, see the integration example below:

JSON format

{ “uid”: “urn:uuid:1335c695-cfb8-4ebb-abbd-80da344efa7b”, “updateDate”: “2016-05-23T23:34:51.0Z”, “titleText”: “Instreamatic Audio Ad”, “mainText”: “”, “streamUrl”: “http://x3.instreamatic.com/v2/audio/777“, “redirectionUrl”: “” }

RSS format

<title>Instreamatic Audio Ad</title>
<description> Instreamatic Audio Ad. </description>
<enclosure url=“http://x3.instreamatic.com/v2/audio/777” length=“12216320" type=“audio/mpeg” />